Printing Blank Recap Sheets

Occasionally, it may be necessary to print blank recap sheets when pre-printed forms are not available.  This can be necessary when starting a new league, but actual teams and/or team rosters may not initially be known.  The following procedure can be used to print blank Recaps so that the first night's scores can be written down:

1.Open league file.  If league does not exist, create a new league.  Designate the expected number of teams when configuring the Rules.

2.Go to H) Weekly League Duties >  10: Recap Sheets: Print them for next week..

3.Under the Options, uncheck Print bowlers' name, Print team names and whatever other team data items not needed.

4.Select single pair of lanes as a test.

5.Print recap form

6.If successful, go back in and select Lanes Used to printout blank forms for all the lanes.