Installing BLS-2024 at a Vector Plus center

Here's a simplified guide to setting up your Brunswick Vector Plus servers to integrate with BLS, BTM, or TBrac software:

For VMWare Player-based Vector Plus Servers:

  1. Server Setup: These replacement servers typically use a new physical computer with Windows 2012 or newer. This computer runs VMWare Player software, which in turn runs a Windows 2008 Virtual Machine with the Vector Plus Server software.
  2. Software Installation: Install the CDE software products directly on the host operating system (Windows 2012 or newer), not inside the virtual machine. The software will interact with the Vector Plus system on the virtual machine just like it would with a physical server.

For Original Vector Plus Servers:

  1. New Computer Setup: Get a new or repurpose an existing computer with a Pro edition of Windows 11 or Windows 10. This will be referred to as the "CDE Computer".
  2. Network Connection: Connect the CDE Computer to the same physical network as your Brunswick Server.
  3. Network Configuration: Configure the CDE Computer to join the "Brunswick" network workgroup.
  4. User Account Setup: Create a new user account on the CDE Computer with both the username and password set to "owner". Ensure this account has administrator rights.
  5. Access Server: Log out and log back into the CDE Computer using the new "owner" account. Press the WINDOWS key and R simultaneously, type "\\CMSERVER\CM2" into the dialog box, and press enter. You should be able to see server folders without needing additional login credentials.
  6. Software Installation: If you successfully access the server from the CDE Computer and view the shared folders on the Brunswick Server, install BLS on the CDE Computer. This machine will handle all BLS-related tasks, and the front desk computer will be able to send leagues out to the lanes.