Handicaps Set to Zero

The developers have successfully resolved an issue where handicaps were not showing up or handicaps were set to zero, and a new update (version 36.03.03) was released on January 25th. To update your software, please follow these steps:
  1. Open the BLS software.
  2. Click on "Help" in the menu.
  3. Select "Check for Updates."
  4. Download and install the latest update.
Alternatively, you can visit CDE's website directly and go https://www.cdesoftware.com/download-league-software/ to download and install the BLS installer.
For the best results, we recommend the following additional steps:
  1. Go back to the first week of your league.
  2. Verify your league rules.
  3. Check that the "Maximum Handicap" setting under "Individual Handicaps" in the "NON-STANDARD Individual Handicaps" section is set to 999 for bowlers and 999 for others (or, if displaying all genders, ensure it's set to 999 for all genders and 999 for others).
  4. We also recommend verifying that your points rules are correctly configured and don't require any corrections.
  5. If you upload to LeagueSecretary.com and have holidays in your schedule, we also recommend reuploading each week starting from the week prior to the first holiday.
We appreciate your patience and want to extend our gratitude to the customers who assisted us by providing league data to help us identify and address the issue.


If your handicaps are somehow showing zero, please verify your rules that the Maximum Handicap did not get set to zero (purposefully or due to an update). We are currently working on an update to resolve, but in the meantime, you can follow these steps to resolve.

  1. Open the League.
  2. Go to Setup > League > Rules > Individual Handicaps
  3. Select the Non-Standard Individual Handicap Rules section.
  4. Verify if the MAXIMUM HANDICAP PER GAME is set to ZERO for the different genders.
  5. If ZERO, change the MAXIMUM HANDICAP PER GAME to 999 (or the number that handicap is limited to, if your league caps the handicap, which is not usual) and press the TAB key so that the value will get saved.
  6. Click on the DONE button to close the rules.
  7. Close and reopen BLS and then reopen the league.
  8. Verify that the rules stayed to 999 (or the number set).
  9. Go back to the first week and verify the setting, then move forward to the last week that has scores entered.
  10. With the league at the last week that has scores entered, go to Utilities > League > Delete Future Weeks Data to help clear out any old data.


that fixed it THANK YOU!
Susan Brock (1/22/2024 at 12:15 PM)