Changing Report Styles

There are several different areas in a report that can be customized.

Click on D) Defining Your League > 8: Standing Sheets, Web and Press Sheet

Click on Select the standing sheet to design and edit,  Printed Version, Web Upload, or Press Sheet

There are two boxes with items listed in them. The one on the left (pink) are items that may be added to the report. The box on the right (middle-white) are items already selected for the report.

To change the way an item appears on the report, click on an item,

Another window will appear next to the white box. In this window, click on the Change Report Style button. Listed on the left side are different style number with a description. To change what is shown on a specific style, click on the yellow button at the bottom of the screen.

In this window, you can add an item or remove what is already there. Also a style can be renamed to make it easier to use next time, in the Style Title box.

After the style is set, click on the Use This button (the green check mark) in the upper left corner.

To preview the style you customized, click on the Magnifying Glass.



I did this and nothing changed on my check in sheets
Margaret Murdock (3/14/2019 at 6:29 AM)