Re-Rating Averages

For most tournaments, the previous season's Book Average may be used for handicaps and/or division assignments. When a person is bowling better in the current season, it is common for the Tournament Director to re-rate that bowler's average to reflect the current skill level. In addition, if the Tournament Director or Board recognizes a bowler scores significantly higher than the bowler's average in the first event, the average may be re-rated to reflect the current skill level of the bowler.
Only BTM – 2015 Pro and A/S versions, provides a method to enter a re-rated average prior to the bowler's first event, or mid-tournament when a bowler is recognized to be scoring significantly higher than the entering average.
The option to Re-Rate Average is available the Score entry screen, Bowler menu, Re-rate.
If the bowler has already competed in an event, the Re-Rate screen will display the Book Average and Tournament Average based on the games already bowled. 
To re-rate the average, click the Add/Edit Re-rate button: