Certification Form Shows Incorrect Number of Teams

Sometimes, printing the League Certification Form, it is showing the incorrect number of teams on it. This may occur when restarting a league with fewer teams, such as a Fall Season League to a Summer Season League.

To correct this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to week 1 in your league
  2. Verify in your rules the number of teams are correct
  3. Click on Utilities tab on the menu
  4. Click on Delete Future Weeks Data (acknowledge the messages)
  5. Go to the Weekly tab
  6. Click on Enter Weekly Bowling Fees
  7. Click on the Utilities tab in that window
  8. Click on Recalculate League Funds
  9. Now go to the Certify tab 
  10. Click on Print Application and verify that the number of teams is correct


This is a bug.
I am in week 3 when I printed the Certification Form & noticed the error.
I AM NOT going to go back & "Delete Future Weeks Data" now...
There needs to be a function- or at least a reminder pop up- when the number of teams is changed.
Why is this setting in more than 1 place?

Jim Bonnici (10/13/2015 at 8:55 AM)