How to purchase BLS-2016 Standard or BLS-2016 Professional

To order BLS-2016 Standard or BLS-2016 Professional via phone, call (800) 767-8927 or (206) 937-8069 during normal business hours of 10:00am to 4pm PACIFIC time Monday - Friday

To order BLS-2016 Standard or BLS-2016 Professional from our online store, do the following:

  1. Visit our online store at If you have not purchased one of our products since January 2014, you will need to click Register and create a new online store account. If you have registered in the new online store since that date, click Log In and log into your online store account.
  2. Select the League Software > 2015-2016 Season category.
  3. Locate the desired edition of BLS-2016 and click View Options.
  4. Select the appropriate Full/Upgrade option for program. If ordering an upgrade, enter your prior serial.
  5. Select option if you would like materials shipped to you in addition to the ability to download the software installer from our website, if desired.
  6. Click Add To Cart. Indicate who the product will be licensed to. 
  7. After agreeing to the terms, click Checkout.
  8. Finish the steps in the checkout to complete your purchase. Keep in mind that the Billing Address must match the address on file with the credit card company.