Using Gmail with BLS-2015

To send outgoing email with Gmail:
  1. If you have not created a Gmail account, then visit and create a free Gmail account.
  2. Open BLS-2015.
  3. Click File > Program Preferences
  4. Select the Internet & Updates tab and click Change Internet Upload and Email Settings
  5. Enter your name and Gmail Email Address under Your Identity
  6. Enter for SMTP Server name
  7. Enter your Gmail email address under User Name
  8. Enter your Gmail email password
  9. Select Yes to login using your user name and password
  10. Select Yes for using Advanced Settings to set SMTP Server Port, under Advanced Settings
  11. Enter 465 for SMTP Server Port
  12. Select Yes for using SSL for sending email
  13. Select No for using SMTP StartTTLS.


Google rejects the software saying it doesn't meet minimum security
Vickie Briscoe (1/17/2016 at 1:44 PM)
Still getting error 161: SMTP protocol error. 534 5.7.14 - gsmtp
Jesse Seals (11/6/2017 at 3:12 PM)