Tablet support

We do not produce versions of our products specifically for tablets, nor do we use tablets for testing or design purposes at this time.
We strongly suggest trying our demo of the product  to see if the program functions as you need, on a tablet you are considering.
You can download our program(s) for  free from our website, and use them in Demo mode, before purchasing them.
In general, the basic requirements are:
  • Must have Intel processor. ARM processor tablets or Apple tablets are not supported.
  • Operating system must be a full Windows 7 or Windows 8, or 8.1 version.  Windows RT is not supported as that operating system is not designed to operate standard Windows based applications.
  • Display must support a resolution of a minimum of 1024x768 pixels.
While CDE Software does not endorse third party products, there are tablets on the market that use a full operating system. The Surface Pro 2 and 3 could be considered for use.