Does your software support Windows XP

As of April 8th, 2014, Microsoft announced the official end of Windows XP support, which includes technical support, security updates and operating system fixes and updates.  
Due to Microsoft no longer offering support for Windows XP, CDE Software can no longer officially support Window XP.
While current development and installer tools have continued to generate executable programs and installers that support XP with Service Pack 3, there is no guarantee that programs will continue to install or operate at any point during the program release cycle. Installers and programs are no longer tested in-house under XP. 
You may wish to download the demo, once available, to your XP computer and see if the product performs to your satisfaction.
The following known configurations of XP were the last required requirements to run CDE programs under XP:
  • Service Pack 3 must be installed.  Service Pack 2 or earlier WILL NOT WORK. 
  • Windows Installer 4.5 must be installed.
We strongly encourage all users to upgrade their version of Windows to an officially supported version of Windows to stay compatible with most software products.