Can’t change the Lanes bowling on in Event Setup

When setting up Events, this event will be bowled at… and the lanes to bowl on, from …, and receive a message Lane number must be between X and X for events bowled at this Center, verify that in the General Rules > Information that the correct Centers Associated with this Tournament is selected and the information is correct in the Center Information section.  


To add a new center, click the Update button.  Click on New, type in a Shortcut ID Code in the text box provided.  Type in the remaining information in the spaces provided. 


Make sure there is a check mark next to Bowling Center.  The Lane Certification is optional, but you will need to use the drop down arrow to select the number of lanes that the center has. Click the Home button and return to your Information screen.  Select the correct Center.  Click Main.


You will now be able to assign the lanes each event is using in the Event Setup screen.