TBrac not reporting Side Pots Winnings

For TBrac to report the Side Pot Winnings on the Financial Reports, squad must be in the completed status. 

If the program shows the status of the squad as still in progress, go the score entry screen and make sure every person entered in that squad has a score.  If any of the people registered did not bowl, mark them as absent or remove them.  The squad will then have a completed status.  


There must be another reason.... I verified that all scores are entered but the side pot winnings are not reporting.
I went to SETUP>SQUAD and LANES, and the SQD Status is blank. this help page should list all the business rules for the SQD Status to be COMPLETE. That way people can check all possible settings before contacting support

Rob Premaza (7/29/2018 at 8:56 AM)