How do I replace injured bowler with sub in linked event?

  1. Go to the registration where you need to make the substitution.

   2. Remove the squad information (not the bowlers) from the Doubles Squad, but do NOT remove the bowler from the Singles.

   3. Leave the doubles entry financial information.

   4. Create a NEW Registration Entry Form.

   5. Add the bowler who was not injured.

   6. Add the substitute bowler.

   7. Enter the bowlers into the event and squad they will be bowling.

   8. Do not enter any Fee Codes since they have already paid.

   9. Remove them from the linked singles squad (in this registration)

 10. Remove the ‘fee paid’ note for the Singles (the fees were paid on original registration and are still marked there).

 11. Enter the lane number for the Doubles.

Your squad should be correct and ready to go.