Viewing available awards:

BTM-2013 provides several user defined award groups if your tournament belongs to a different national association or has state, local association or in-center awards.  These award groups can also be used if the bowling center offers its own awards program.

National association awards from USBC, CTF and TNBA are pre-programmed, eliminating the need to set up national awards. These awards are printed using built-in forms provided by USBC, CTF and TNBA

Note:  USBC, USBC Sport, CTF and TNBA awards cannot be modified, nor can they be extended for additional awards. If your tournament is testing award programs from USBC, process those manually or setup using one of the customizable options.

From the main menu, click on D) Setup Rules, Fees & Styles > 6: Awards: Local and bowling center awards.

{C}·    {C}Each association is designated to a specific award group and each award group has a tab with its name on it. There are five tabs dedicated to the National Certification Organizations, USBC, USBC Sport, CTF: Canadian Tenpin, USBC Team and TNBA. These awards are defined by the National Organizations and cannot be modified.

In addition, there are four tabs available to configure custom awards.  These tabs are initially labeled Bowling Center Awards, Local Assoc. Awards, State Assoc. Awards and Other Awards.

1.   To view awards that are available for a specific award group, simply click that award group's tab.

{C}2.   Awards that have been set up for this award group will be displayed in the Awards in This Group list box.  

{C}3.   To view a definition of a specific award in this group, click the award name in the Awards in This Group list box.

Note:  The Other Awards tab is a special tab to be used for tournaments that are sanctioned/certified through an organization other than USBC or CTF.