Adding or Deleting Squads

If it is determined that an additional squad may be required for any event, go to D) Setup Rules and .... > 1: Rules Setup > Lanes & Squads > Squads

{C}1.   To add a new squad, click on the event from the list of squad types > click Add A New Squad

{C}2.   A dialog box will appear identifying the current number of squads for the event. 

{C}3.   Change the number of squads to the total number of squads needed.

{C}4.   Change the number for ‘by Adding X’ Squads.

{C}5.   Click Create New squads


To delete one or more squads:

{C}1.   Click on the event 

{C}2.   Click Delete Selected Squad

{C}3.   Acknowledge the warning message.

For larger tournaments where there are more squads than can be displayed, BTM-2013 provides the ability to narrow down the squads displayed on this screen using the Show Only: and Sort Squads: options.  The Show Only drop down list provides the option to show Select Date, Week or Weekend as determined by the calendar in the lower right corner.  

Alternatively, choosing the Select Event will show only the squads for the event selected on the bottom of the screen.  Finally squads can be displayed using a combination of Event and Date.

Regardless of which squads are displayed, they can be sorted by Event, Date or Squad # by clicking the respective button under the Sort Squads.