10013: [10013] Error Code

10013: [10013] Error Code - Access Denied


When you receive error code [10013], your computer is telling you that it cannot access the file you are trying to open.


The reason you receive this error, is that there is something on your computer, which is stopping you from accessing a file in your CDE Software program. 


The error code you are receiving, (10013:[10013] Access Denied), is caused by one of four things.


  1. (Most Common Cause) You may have an Antivirus program, and it may be stopping access to a file.

    1. Sometimes it will prevent you from accessing a file, even though it worked yesterday or an hour ago.

    2. The antivirus program may have been updated and is now blocking access to the file.

    3. It is very common for antispyware to get updated, either manually or automatically, and it can start blocking certain files of a program, or several files in a program. 

  2. You may have Spyware and it may be blocking access to the file.

  3. You may have Malware and it may be blocking access to the file.

  4. Your Firewall(s) may be blocking access to the file.


You will need to determine which is causing the problem for you. This process may need you to have a computer technician look at your computer, to determine what the problem is caused by. 

It is possible to disable these programs, complete the process you are working on, then re-enable the programs again. 

Be Aware! This will place your computer at risk of contracting a virus or being hacked. The decision to do disable one of these, should not make unless you are completely aware of what you are doing, and how to do it. Consult with a computer technician first.