Receiving a Socket Error or other problems when uploading to

If you receive a Socket Error, DNS error or some other connection error when attempting to upload your standings to, the problem is likely to be caused by any of the following:

·    An internet security package/firewall program is preventing an outgoing connection from BLS2014. This is the most common cause and is the reason for about 99% of the contacts made with technical support regarding difficulty in uploading.  

To resolve the issue, verify that the firewall program is configured to allow the BLS2014.exe  application full access to the Internet.

·    Internet protocol (TCP/IP) settings are incorrect. Verify the IP Address, Default Gateway and DNS Server settings are correctly configured, Contact your Internet Service Provider for more information.

·    The internet server for the website is currently undergoing maintenance.

·    There may be a temporary internet problem with your Internet Service Provider.


If you can open your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc...) and connect to, then the problem is likely the first item above