Troubleshooting USBC, CTF or TNBA Awards

BTM-2013 provides the ability to detect and print award forms for the USBC, CTF and TNBA national associations. Under certain circumstances, these awards may not be detected or will not print. This section is designed as an initial troubleshooting guide to assist with getting these awards forms generated so they can be submitted to the associations

For all problems, the first step is to ensure you are running the most current update for the BTM-2013 program. For information, please see 102-How do I get the latest update to the program.

Use the following procedure to troubleshoot National Association Awards:

Bowler not listed for national award

1. Is the bowler eligible? Verify the bowlers average and number of games at the time the score was bowled. Confirm in the USBC, CTF or TNBA Rulebooks that the bowler meets the requirements to be eligible for the award.

2. Has the league been certified in the national organization under Section D) Setup Rules, Fees & Styles > 5: Association and Bowling Awards?

Nothing happens when clicking Print Forms

1. From the Awards Results screen, click Blank Forms and select USBC High Score, then Preview Selected Form 

2. The form should open in Adobe Reader or other program capable of reading PDF files.

3. If the blank form does not open, ensure you have Adobe Reader installed. 

4. Ensure the Adobe Reader will open by going to the Start Menu and finding the Adobe Reader Program. (Sometimes, the Adobe Reader has some additional configuration that needs to be performed after it is installed. This step allows this to happen) 

5. Verify the PDF File Extension is associated with Adobe Reader:

See: 153 - Nothing happens when attempting to print National Awards

6. Return to Step 1 and confirm the blank form opens. 


Blank document opens in Adobe when clicking Print Forms

1. Go to Control Panel > Fonts

2. Locate and open the ARIAL Font (just the plain one, not the bold or Arial Narrow).

3. Click 'Done' to close the screen and close Control Panel

4. Open BTM-2013 and try to print the Award Forms again