Problems printing on Inkjet Printers

If you are having problems printing on your inkjet printer, you can try a couple things. BTM-2013 is designed to print to Window’s Print Manager. From there, the Print Manager works with the printer manufacturer's printer drivers to actually handle the printing. Because of this, there can sometimes be bugs or differences and "interpretation" on how things are handled. CDE does not develop or support printer drivers. You must consult your printer dealer or printer manufacturer for support.


· Is your printer driver up to date?
 Check with your printer manufacture's web site for newer versions of drivers that may resolve the issue.

· Adjust the printer settings
 Try experimenting with adjustments on the printer itself or in the printer setup.

· Try a different printer driver 

 Using an older model printer driver can sometimes work and give you the results needed. The older driver can usually co-exist with your current one. This way you can use the older driver for use in BTM-2013. An example of this is with HP’s newer series on inkjet printers. Using an older model 550c printer driver has resolved many printing difficulties.