Older BTM tournaments not showing up when opening a tournament

When opening an existing tournament file, older tournaments created in BTM-5 and BTM-2007 may not appear on the list. Due to significant changes in the way tournament data is stored, BTM-2013 will initially display tournaments created in BTM-2013 to avoid any confusion and to prevent opening older tournaments when new ones exist.


To open tournaments created in BTM-5 or BTM-2007, CDE Software recommends that you utilize the Restore functionality in BTM-2013. The advantage is the BTM-2013 Restore option is designed to convert the tournament created in older BTM programs during the Restore process. The other advantage is that you do not run the risk of opening your older BTM tournament in BTM-2013, thus making it unreadable in the older program.


If you have a backup of your older BTM tournament, go to B) Tournament Maintenance > 3: Restore Tournaments. If you do not have a backup, you can open BTM-5 or BTM-2007 and create a backup.


As an alternative, to allow older BTM  tournaments to be displayed in the Open Tournament screen, click on the Show All Recognized Files button on the What to Show TAB. This will display all tournaments created in the BTM-2007, BTM-5 and BTM-2013 programs. If the older BTM tournament does not show up in the list, you may have to navigate to the location of the tournament files.


This is done under the Currently Selected Drive and Directory section in the lower left. After locating the tournament  in the folder where the files are stored, use the Copy and Open option to open in BTM-2013. Again, this is to prevent the original tournament file from being converted.