Update Policy

CDE Software periodically will release updates to BTM - 2013 to address program issues or software bugs. There may also be feature enhancements released during the product lifetime.

Updates, however, are NOT designed to transition software to the next MAJOR edition and will not add capabilities of future changes.


When CDE Software releases a minor update, the program update is made available for download on our company website at http://www.cdesoftware.com.  Updates are available for free, provided the updates are downloaded from our website.


If you do not have Internet access there are two options available:


1) Downloading the update from our website does not require that Internet be available on the BTM - 2013 computer. Anyone from anywhere can visit our website, download the update and transfer to removable media or device. This feature is particularly handy for bowling centers that either do not have Internet access or have access on a different computer. This option is FREE and helps insure that you have the most recently made update available.


2) Request a replacement CD-ROM with the latest available update made available. Contact our customer service department or technical support department. There is a nominal charge to send a CD-ROM to cover materials, shipping and handling.


Please note that CDE Software can not guarantee that the CD-ROM will reflect the most recent update available on our website. CDE Software is not responsible for CD-ROM's that are shipped and a newer update is made while your CD-ROM is in transit.