Configure Scoring Interface

Unlocking the configuration screen


To prevent accidental tampering with settings, the screen is locked to prevent major configuration changes.

To unlock the screen, click the lock box under Scoring System. Enter CDESOFTWARE when prompted for a password (all as one word in upper case) and click the checkmark. The lock should now appear as unlocked giving access to change settings.

Definition of and options for scoring system

Each scoring interface has their own particular set of features. Some features are also added in newer versions of the scoring system.


BTM - 2013 A/S is designed to integrate these particular options into the export file.

It is important to remember that certain options may not be available on your particular scoring system.

The options for the scoring system are fairly self-explanatory. However, a few do need mentioning.


Lane Movement is supported

Certain scorers feature the ability to move lanes after each game of bowling. Enable this option if your system supports this.


Scoresheet Available

Certain scorers provide the ability to report information on frame by frame scores.


Software Revision

If new features come along, the revision of the software for support to the scoring system may need to be incremented or gone back for legacy support.