Bowler Certification

Bowler certification is handled in the same section used to enter bowlers onto the Registration Screen. To enable the fields to enter Association ID and bowler certification, toggle Association Information option to yes in the Registration Options. When enabled, an additional column will be available to enter bowler's National ID number based on the certifying organization. In addition, there are extra columns available to indicate if the bowler has been certified. Even though a bowler may have a Certification #, it does not necessarily mean the bowler has been certified for the current season.  Under these columns, enter a Y or T where appropriate.


When an association tournament has Open Registration, bowlers can be certified through a different organization. With the Association Information enabled on the registration, additional options will be available at the bottom of the registration screens. This section can be used to enter additional information about the bowlers on the registration.


·Center:  Select the "home" center the bowlers are from using the drop down list.  The centers in this list are ones that were entered in D) Setup Rules, Fees and Styles > Rules Setup > General Rule > Information