Show Prize Winners

Selecting this option will allow the winners to be assigned to the configured prizes.  In addition to using the drop down list to change to Show Prize Winners, this prize winner configuration screen can be brought up from Section H) Scores & Results > 8: Prize Fund Breakdown.


Once scores have been entered for all squads in any given event, this section is used to assign the winners to the defined awards.  This can be done manually or automatically by BTM - 2013.


Auto Assign Prizes


This option is used when you want BTM - 2013 to detect and assign the winners for the prizes.  Winners will be detected based on the selected event and the configured options under Show Prizes For. To automatically assign winners, simply click the Auto Assign Prizes button on this screen. By default, BTM - 2013 assign winners for the entire event.  However, each set of results (and/or divisions) can be assigned individually by selecting the appropriate option(s) under Show Prizes For before clicking the Auto Assign button.


Manually Assign Winners


When manually assigning winners, divisions will have to be done separately. Make sure a division is selected under Show Prizes For prior to manually assigning winners. In addition, when tracking multiple results for a single event, it may be easier to only select the set of results that are being installed.


Once the Event, Divisions, and Results have been configured, click the Winner ID for 1st place, then click the Assign Prizes button.


The default Sort Order will be by Entry Number. Use the Drop Down list to select the correct results for which you are assigning winners.  Select the first bowler in the list, then click the Select Winner button. Continue down the list of entries clicking the Select Winner until all the places are assigned.


Note: Special attention must be made to identify when a tie occurs in the results.  Manually assigning the winners will not change the awards or the award amounts based on on the previously configured rules for ties.  Ties will have to manually be configured using the Duplicate button and removing prizes at the end when necessary.