From the menu, click H) Scores& Results > 4: View Results

You can use this option to view or print the current results at any time.

The results displayed will be those from the squad that was initially selected on the main screen.  However, results can be viewed for any event in the tournament by clicking the desired Event.


·   This option will only be available for events that have divisions.  Select which division to display the results, or select All Divisions.


·   Select which squad to display results or select All Squads.

Entries To Show: 

·   Select to display All Entries or Top Placers.  For top placers, designate how many places to display.


·   The results displayed can be sorted by any field by clicking on the desired heading.  For example, to view the results sorted by total handicap pins, click on H-Total in the column heading. The currently selected sort method will be displayed above the results.

Printing the Report

1. On the menu, click the printer icon to preview the report. 

2. In the preview window, to print a hard copy, click the printer icon on the menu.

Print Team Events with Detail Summary:

For Team Events (doubles, trios, teams), BTM - 2013 has the ability to display the individual bowler scores when printing the Team Event results. This option is available by clicking the View Options control button, and changing the rocker switch to Show for Print Team Events with Detail Summary.