Entering Scores

Go to the main menu, click on H) Scores& Results > 1: Enter Scores

Select a Pair: 

·   For the Standard and Pro versions, Use the drop down list or the up/down arrows to select the pair of lanes to enter/correct scores, Autoscoring – to verify the imported scores.  

Select a Squad: 

·   Use the top drop down list to select which event to display the squads to be accessible in the 3rd drop down list. Select any event or Show All Squads.  

·   The second drop down list will sort the squads in the 3rd drop down list by Event, Date & Time or Squad Number.

·   Finally, the third drop down list is used to select the squad to enter/correct scores.

HDCP Game Total: 

Toggle the switch to show or hide the per game handicap scores for each game.  (These scores are displayed right after the entered game score.)

Team Name: 

·   This will display the Team Name when entering scores for Doubles, Trios and Team events.

Score Entry: 

·      Enter scores for the bowlers on the selected lane.  

·      Click on the second lane of the pair for access to those bowlers.   

(The Home key moves between teams. The Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard can also be used as hot keys to move between lanes.)

Team oriented events, (doubles, trios’, teams); the results screen will be displayed showing the totals for all scores entered.  

When multiple 'teams' are on the same lane, such as doubles, the listed totals will be for the team the selected bowler is on.  

·   For example, if the first two bowlers represent one doubles team, and the 3rd and 4th bowlers represent another doubles team, on the same lane, the displayed results will be based on the selected bowler.  Clicking bowler 1 or 2 displays the totals for the first doubles partners and bowler 3 or 4 will display totals for the second doubles partners.

When scores have been entered for all bowlers in a squad, a padlock will appear on the score entry screen indicating the scores have been locked.  

To make changes, click the padlock to unlock the screen and make the necessary changes.  The screen will automatically be locked again when exiting this screen.