Printing Recap Sheets

Recap Sheets are provided so that game scores can be written down upon completion of the game. BTM - 2013 provides different options to print recaps on Plain Paper or pre-printed forms.

Selecting this option opens the following screen:

Printing Recaps

Select a Recap Form: Use the Drop Down list to select the Recap Form to be used.

Adjusting margins: Pre-printed recaps may not properly align with the printer. Under Margins, use the sliders to adjust margins to fix the alignment of the recaps.

Message: If you want to include a message, or provide last minute instructions, enter text in this section.

Selecting Recap Options: There are several options that can be used when printing recaps. Check the options that apply.

Copies: BTM - 2013 supports printing up to 4 copies. When printing multiple copies, each copy can have its own set of instructions.

Selecting which lanes to print: Click Print All Lanes to generate recaps for the entire set of lanes. To only print a partial set of recaps, clear this option and select the lanes to be printed by clicking on the pairs to be printed. 

Previewing Recaps (Pro & A/S users only): BTM - 2013Pro and BTM - 2013 A/S versions have the ability to Preview the recap sheets before printing them. Click the Preview button to preview the recaps for the selected lanes.