Assigning Lanes

This feature is available to all tournaments that are configured for Automatic Lane Assignments in the Tournament Rules. If the tournament is configured for Manual Lane assignments, the lanes can be assigned on the registration screen. However, the Assignment Method can be changed on this screen regardless of how it is configured in the Tournament Rules.

There are two menu options to open this feature:

E) Registration & Bowlers > 3: Assign Lanes and F) Event Sign-In & Preparation > 6: Assign To Lanes

To automatically assign lanes:

Select Event(s): Use this option to select an individual event to assign lanes. This is useful for larger tournaments to reduce the number of squads listed on the screen

Sort Squads: The displayed Squad list can be sorted By EventBy DateTime or By Squad # by clicking the appropriate tab.

Assignment Method: Use drop down list to select different criteria for Assigning Method.

Assignment Order: 

·      Use the Drop Down list to select a different order to assign names, Low Lane to High Lane, High Lane to Low Lane or Inside-Out.

Select the squad to assign lanes 

·      BTM - 2013 will assign the lanes to the selected squad entries based on the criteria configured under Automatic Lane Assignments

 Click Assign Bowlers to Lanes

Note:  When assigning lanes to linked squads, select the squad with the most bowlers on individual registrations.  For example, if singles and doubles events are linked, assign lanes to doubles squad first, then the following options will appear:

Yes, Do all related squads using Lane Movement:  This option will examine all linked squads (Events and Sets) and will assign the lanes for all related squads (recommended)

Yes, But only from the indicated squad. No Lane Movement: This option will only examine linked squads (Events and Sets) that have been configured AFTER the selected squad.  Linked squads configured to occur BEFORE the selected squad will not be considered.

No. Don't use Lane Movement and just do the indicated squad for now:  This option will ignore linked squads and assign lanes to the current squad only.

Cancel. Don't assign any lanes right now:  Cancels the lane assignment.