Program will not register or runs as demo

If BTM-2013 will not register and/or runs as a demo, it means that information has been omitted or mistyped.  The most common mistakes are:


1.Incorrect Product: Ensure the product listed in the orange bar on the Registration screen is the same as the program you are trying to activate.

2.Registration Key: Double/Triple check this information, it is very easy to mis-type one of these values.

3.NOT typing in your name exactly as shown on the bottom of your invoice. YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT!  If there is a

misspelling, contact CDE Software to update the registration.

4.Where it says "leave blank" you do NOT type in the words "Leave Blank" -- leave it completely blank and do not type anything on that line.

5.Designating a league or tournament when there should not be one.  This field is used when the software is licensed to the tournament.  When registered to a tournament, answer "Yes"  When not registered to a tournament, this question does need to be answered "No".

6.Ensure the complete address is entered.