Registration Options

From the menu, click E) Registrations…. > 1: Registration

This screen allows various display options to be shown or hidden on the bowler registration screen.  

These options can be used to hide columns not relevant to the tournament, thus simplifying data entry when registering bowlers. 

Name Display Options and Other Display Options:

Display Options on this screen are self-explanatory. 

·      Decide if specific data will be entered on the registration, and then toggle the switch to Hide for items not needed for the tournament.

New Bowler Information

·      Use Bowler Lookup: When the bowler name is entered on the registration screen, this feature will bring up a dialog showing all bowlers with the same name.  This is convenient for avoiding entering duplicate bowlers.

·      Allow Only One Name: This feature allows for bowlers to be entered when only one name is available or needed, for example, small one-day tournaments.

Contact Information

If the Captain Field is left blank when completing the registration form, this option will be used to designate which bowler is to be designated the contact for the registration. 

Other Options

Obscure Social Security:  Click the rocker switch to the desired option.

Use one line to enter bowler information:  This option allows all the bowler information to be entered on a single line.  

Toggling this switch to 'No' will show the Name Display Options only on the registration screen.