The Squad Setup screen represents the final step for  tournament rules configuration.  Additional configuration for Fees and Prize Setup are available on additional screens, but are not necessary for basic tournament functionality.  These options will be discussed later.

Depending on how the question to Setup Squads was answered during the Events Setup, default squads may already be created.  If the squads do not exist, click on Setup Default Squads button to create the squads based on your events and number of squads previously configured in the Events Setup. To complete the Squad Setup, specify the Date and Start Time for each squad in the tournament.


The Start Lane and End Lane will also be configured as defined in the Events Setup.  However, these values can be changed on this screen if necessary.


By default, the Maximum Bowlers will be configured for 6 bowlers.  This value will be used by BTM - 2013 when assigning lanes to prevent too many bowlers entered into a squad.  If there is a preference to not allow more than 3 bowlers to a lane for a squad due to tournament size or the time needed to bowl a squad, then change this value accordingly and BTM - 2013 will not allow a registration for this squad on a lane that has more bowlers than the maximum number given.

Ideal Bowlers is a number used to indicate a preferred number of bowlers to assign to a lane. BTM - 2013 will allow more players than indicated for ideal bowlers (up to the maximum defined), but when automatically assigning to lanes, it will try to keep the number of people to no more than this number.


If it is determined that an additional squad may be required for any event, it can be done on this screen.  To add a new squad, select the event from the list of events at the bottom section of the screen and click Add A New Squad button.  A dialog box will appear identifying the current number of squads for the event and allows for the number of squads for the selected event. Use the arrows pointing to the Right to increase the number of squads, or add new squads.


On the other hand, if it is determined there are too many squads for any given event, select the last squad for that event in the top table, then click on the Delete Selected Squad button. If the squad to be deleted is linked to another squad, clicking the Delete Related Squads will remove the selected squad and all the linked squads.


For larger tournaments where there are more squads than can be displayed, BTM - 2013 provides the ability to narrow down the squads displayed on this screen using the Show Only: and Sort Squads: options.  The Show Only drop down list provides the option to show Select Date, Week or Weekend as determined by the calendar in the lower right corner.  Alternatively, choosing the Select Event will show only the squads for the event selected on the bottom of the screen.  Finally squads can be displayed using a combination of Event and Date.


Regardless of which squads are displayed, they can be sorted by Event, Date or Squad # by clicking the respective button under the Sort Squads.