When the tournament Events are configured for handicaps to be based on the Series and/or Team Events base handicap on Team Average, there is no Individual Handicap to be used for brackets.  As such, BTM - 2013 provides an option to configure handicaps to be used specifically for brackets so the tournament can provide handicap brackets:

By default, handicaps for brackets in every event will be based on the value configured for Individual on this screen. As such, once the Percent and Base have been verified for the Individual, handicap brackets can be configured for every event in the tournament.

Use Event HDCP: Selecting this option will configure handicap brackets to be based on the handicap calculated for the specific event in which the brackets are being run. For example, using this option for the Team Event will calculate handicaps based on handicap rules previously configured for the Team Event.

Important Note: If the Event handicaps are based on a Per Series and/or Team Average, when this option is selected, the individual handicaps will be 0 since there is no way of identifying an individual/game handicap under these scenarios.