All Event Handicaps

Open BTM-2013 

Click on C > Open your tournament > D) Setup Rules…. > 1: Rules Setup > Divisions & HDCPs


Division Information:

BTM-2013 defaults to ‘Number of Divisions’ to ‘None’.  

Change the rocker switches to the appropriate option under Handicap Information. 

  • HDCP per Event: This method will use the handicap scores from each event based on how the handicap is configured for each individual event. When Team (Doubles, Trios, Team) Events are configured to use handicap based on Team Average, there would not be any individual handicap score. Under this configuration BTM - 2013 will use the handicap rule as configured for Individuals.
  • HDCP per All Event: This option will allow handicap to be configured for the All Event competition separate from the individual events bowled. However, this method will only allow for handicaps to be calculated on a Per Game basis.


Note: If the event is Scratch, these rocker switches will not appear.


Type in the handicap percentage and the handicap base in the table provided.