Most multi-event tournaments will typically include an "All Events" category that combines the results of each individual event for each bowler.  BTM - 2013 allows up to 4 different All Event categories to be configured.  Initially, these categories are configured as NOT USED by default.  

Changing the Type for any given All Event category to Scratch or Handicap will allow the event to be configured.

{C}1.     {C}Select from the drop down menu, whether this All Event is Handicap or Scratch.

{C}2.     {C}Select from the drop down menu, which scores will be used.

{C}3.     {C}Click the rocker switch to include in this All Event to either Paid Only or Everyone.

{C}4.     {C}Check the events that are included in this All Event.


Repeat for each All Event types.