This section defines additional configuration settings for the base tournament.

General Rules: Configure the type of tournament as Scratch or Handicap.  

For Handicap tournaments, the following default settings will need to be configured:


  • Default Handicap Percentage: Percentage of the difference between the Base Average and the average of the bowler.
  • Default Handicap Base: Average used to calculate difference from bowler's average.


Note: The handicap rule defined in this section represents the initial default value for an individual bowler and single game.  Actual handicap rules for the tournament may differ depending on the method used (per game vs. per series, sum of bowlers vs. team avg).


  • Max Score for 1 Game for 1 Bowler:  Highest score possible for a bowler.
  • Use Age Calculated from specific Date: Used primarily for youth tournaments where age determines defined divisions for bowlers.  If toggled to 'Yes', specify date to be used for this calculation.
  • I will also do Treasurer Duties: Click the rocker switch to yes to track financial information
  • Default For Teams & Doubles: Use this section to configure a Vacancy score and Absent Score Rule to be used when tournaments allow incomplete teams to bowl.
  • Number of Events of Type: Specify the number of singles, doubles, trios and/or team events in the tournament.  After specifying the number of events for each type, click Do It to complete the configuration.  You will be prompted for confirmation for each event type which will allow you to cancel the changes.
  • This Tournament will include: Specify if the tournament will be limited to specific genders and/or age groups.


Sanction Numbers: Use the rocker switches to Indicate if tournament is sanctioned/certified with a bowling organization such at USBC, CTF, TNBA and/or other organization. Multiple organizations can be selected.