What to Show / Report Styles

The What to Show screen is intended to designate what data will be on the report, and in what order, and using which style. Note: Styles are used to control the actual data that is printed for each item.  For more information on Styles, see Report Styles.


Adding items

There are two lists of items that can appear on the standing sheets. The first is labeled These are NOT on your Standing Sheet, which is simply a list of available items that can be placed on the Standing Sheet, but currently are not printed or included.

The second is labeled Order of Items on the Standing Sheet, which contains the items that will appear on the standing sheet and the order in which they are displayed. By default, this will include a data item for every event in the tournament as configured in the Tournament Rules.

To add an item to be included on the standing sheet, simply click the item in the These are NOT on your Standing Sheet list and click Add Item to Standing Sheet.  The added item will be placed at the bottom of the list on the Order of Items on the Standing Sheet

Changing the order of items


The standing sheet will print each item, in order,  that is identified in the Order of Items on the Standing Sheet list. To change the order of what is printed, simply click the item in the Order of Items on the Standing Sheet list and click Move up or Move down.


Removing items

To remove an item from the standings, simply click the item in the Order of Items on the Standing Sheet list and click Remove Item from Standing Sheet.


Changing item options 

The next step is to configure the options for each item used in the standing sheet. These options are used to change how each of the items will be displayed on the Standing Sheet. Click on the item to be configure in the Order of Items on the Standing Sheet list.  Each item will have its own specific options that can be modified.  In addition, each item will have page break options to Force this item to start on a new page or AFTER this item, start a new page...

Each event configured in the tournament will have its own data item on this results report. Each of these data items will have options for which data to be displayed (handicap results, scratch results, high game, etc..). Similar to what data items to be displayed on the report, this section allows the output to be further refined down to what actual results to display for each event.

Changing the Style


If the Change Style button appears as an option, the style can be changed to reflect information presented. Clicking this option will display a list of different styles that can be used to change the way the data is displayed.  On this screen, a sample be displayed in a preview screen as different styles are selected.  Once the desired style is selected, click the Use This.

Some styles can further be refined with regards to the data they contain by clicking the To hide this panel so you can change this style button when available.  For more information, see Reports > Report Styles.