Local & Bowling Center Awards

A major part of bowling are the improvements of a bowler’s skill and average. In order to reward bowlers for reaching these goals, bowling centers as well as national, state and local associations offer award recognition programs. Awards are based on game and series achievements, as well as special occurrences, such as split conversions, clean games, etc.


BTM - 5 contains a powerful and customizable awards system used to detect national, state and local awards as well as items that should be included in press releases.


National association awards from USBC, CTF and TNBA are pre-programmed, eliminating the need to set up national awards. These awards are printed using built-in forms provided by USBC.  CTF: Canadian Tenpin and TNBA awards are also pre-programmed.


Note:  USBC, USBC Sport, CTF and TNBA awards are not modifiable nor can they be extended for additional awards. If your tournament is testing award programs from USBC, you will need to process those manually or setup using one of the customizable options.


BTM - 5 provides several user defined award groups if your tournament belongs to a different national association or has state, local association or in-center awards.  These award groups can also be used if the bowling center offers its own awards program.


Viewing available awards: Click on D) Setup Rules, Fees & Styles > 6: Awards: Local and bowling center awards. 


Each association is designated to a specific award group and each award group has a tab with it’s name on it. There are five tabs dedicated to the National Certification Organizations, USBC, USBC Sport, CTF: Canadian Tenpin, USBC Team and TNBA. These awards are defined by the National Organizations and cannot be modified.


In addition, there are four tabs available to configure custom awards.  These tabs are initially labeled Bowling Center Awards, Local Assoc. Awards, State Assoc. Awards and Other Awards. 


To view awards that are available for a specific award group, simply click that award group's tab. Awards that have been set up for this award group will be displayed in the Awards in This Group list box.  To view a definition of a specific award in this group, click the award name in the Awards in This Group list box.


Note:  The Other Awards tab is a special tab to be used for tournaments that are sanctioned/certified through an organization other than USBC or CTF.  These awards are only available when Other Organization is configured under D) Setup Rules, Fees  & Styles > 1: Rules Setup > General Rules > Tournament Setup


Adding an award


To add an award, click the award group that the new award will belong to and click Add Award.  A new award will appear in the Awards in This Group list box names Undefined Award.  The first step is to enter the description of the award.


Defining an award: Once the award has been added, the next step would be to define the parameters of the award.  Each award has some basic definitions to determine who qualifies for the award, the type of award and the frequency that it can be earned.  Awards should be defined in the following order:


1.Association required: From the drop down list, select the association that is required to qualify for this award.


2.Award applies to: Select the genders that qualify for award.


3.Type of Award: Select the type of award from the drop down list.


4.Frequency: Select the frequency that the award can be earned.


5.Finally set up the rules required to qualify for this award. The rules will vary based on the type of award.


Miscellaneous award type: This award type is used when an award cannot be detected by a specific game or series score. Splits and clean game awards, for example, cannot be detected.  In the Award Category list, select the appropriate description for this award. If the award category is a split or spare, a pin display will be shown. Click the pins to highlight which pins are needed to earn this award.


Game or series award types: This award type is used when an award is based on a score. From the Award is based on list, select from:


·Single exact score - Score must meet or exceed the specified score.


·Score between a range - Score must fall between the specified scores.


·Pins over average - Score must be the specified range of pins higher then the bowler’s average.


Next, specify which scores the award applies to. (This option is not available for single exact scores). Enter any requirements for age, average and games bowled to qualify for this award. Finally enter the score(s) or range of pins needed to qualify for this award.


Triplicate or Stepladder award type: This award type is used when a bowler's scores are the same for each game, or the scores fall in a stepladder pattern of equal increments. 


Enter any requirements for age, average and games bowled to qualify for this award. 


For the Triplicate Award, the Minimum and Maximum Increments must remain at zero (0).


For the Stepladder Award, change the Minimum and Maximum Increments to indicate the values for which the award will be earned.  For example, setting the Minimum Increment to 1 and the Maximum increment to 10 will detect any scores that progress by one pin (e.g. 200, 201, 202) up to scores progressing by 10 pins (e.g. 200, 210, 220) including all values in between.  For reverse stepladder awards (202, 201, 200),  set the Minimum Increment to a negative number.


Enter the minimum score needed to qualify for the award. If this is a step ladder award, enter the increments that the scores must follow to earn the award.


Progressive award type: This award type is used when an award is based on a bowler’s score when falling within an average class. For example, a progress award is given for a 600 series when a bowler’s average is l50 or less, 650 series when a bowler’s average is l65 or less, etc.


Enter any requirements for age and games bowled to qualify for this award. Finally enter the pairings of award score and maximum average allowed to earn the award.


Note: Setting age restrictions for any award will require that birthdays are entered for each bowler.  Bowlers that do not have birthdays configured will not be eligible for these awards.


Filter by USBC membership: This option allows you to designate specific membership requirements to earn the award. This is especially important in areas where local associations have not merged.


Modifying an award:


To modify an award, click the award group and select the award in the Awards in This Group list box.   The settings or name for this award can now be changed.


Removing an award:


To remove an award, click the award group that the award belongs to and select the award in the Awards in This Group list box. Click Remove Award. The award will then be deleted from this group.



I have done all of the above steps to add awards for our NUUSBCA. The system is telling me that all of my bowlers has received these awards, so every award appears to have a RED check mark by all of their names. What can I do to fix this problem.
Terry Mikkelsen (1/11/2018 at 7:18 PM)