Prize Setup Tab

Setting up prizes in BTM - 5 consists of two steps.  First, prize groups need to be configured which will be used when setting up the Individual Prizes. Each event is configured independently and can contain any of the following results:

·Scratch Series

·Handicap Series

· POA - Series:  Points Over Average

·+/- 200

·Highest Scratch Game

·Highest handicap Game


The second step is to create and configure the individual prizes for each prize group.  This step will be discussed later in this chapter.

Configure Prize Groups

Use the following procedure to configure the Prize Group for each event:

1.Select the Event to be configured under Prizes For Event

2.Click the I Want A New Prize Group button.

3.Use the Prize is for Drop Down list to select the results for which the prizes are to be configured.
Note: The Prize Description is automatically filled in for most results in this section. However, when selecting Custom result, provide a Prize Description indicating what the prize is for.

4.Use the toggle switch to determine the number of prizes. The number of prizes to be awarded can be based on the number of entries into the event (Pay Ratio) or a specific number of places (Exactly)
a) Pay Ratio: Designate the ratio of  the number of entries for each place.  Then specify the minimum number of places to be paid.
b) Exactly: Specify the number of places to be paid.

5.If the event being configured has Divisions, designate if the Prize Group is for the Event Only or Each Division.

6.After these options have been configured, click the Add This Prize button.

7.Enter Sponsor Money (if any) and Prize Fund Money to be allocated to this Prize Group.  If the Prize Group is for Divisions, allocate Prize Fund Money to each Division.
Note: To aid in distributing funds to multiple Prize Groups, Sponsor Money Remaining and Prize Fund Remaining are calculated as these funds are allocated in the area directly below the Prize Description section.

8.Repeat Steps 2 - 7 for each result to be configured as a Prize Group for the selected event.

9.Once all the Prize Groups have been configured, and all the funds have been allocated, click on either of the following buttons to create the prizes:
Create ALL Prizes: This will create prizes for all the Prize Groups for the event being configured.
Create Individual Prizes: This will create prizes for only the selected Prize Group.

10.Repeat Steps 1-9 for each Event in the Tournament.

This completes the initial phase of the Prize Setup.  The next step is to assign the individual prize amounts for each place.

Note: If necessary, all the prize groups and individual prizes can be removed by going to J) Program Utilities and Resets > 10: Reset Tournament. This option will allow you to select just the Prize Fund to Clear.