Sponsor Funds & General Setup Tab

General Tournament Prize Information

This section provides general settings for determining prize winners and allocating prizes:

Determine prize winners:  Toggle between Manually or Automatically

Cash Prizes for Team: Indicate payment as One Team Check or Split for Each Bowler.  This information will be used for printing checks.

Mail Prize Checks to: Identify where the prize check is to be mailed, either the Captain or Individual Winners.  This information will be used for printing checks.

If 2 or more positions are tied we will:   Use the drop down text box to select from the following:

·Add Prize Amt. to Next Position and Split Money.

·Add a Duplicate Prize , Remove the Next Prize.

·Add a Duplicate Prize , Remove the Last Prize.

·Add a Duplicate Prize , Don't Remove Any.

·Assign Prize to One, Other Gets Next Prize. Selecting this option will randomly break the tie by assigning the prize to one bowler/team and allocating the next prize to the other bowler(s)/team(s).

Sponsor & Additional Funds

BTM - 5 provides the option to enter sponsor donated funds that can be allocated to the different events of the tournaments and awarded in conjunction with the Tournament Prize Fund.

To add a sponsor, type in a Code and/or Sponsor Name in the listed fields.  If no Code is entered, a default code will be used.  Enter the Total Amount of money contributed by the sponsor and how much will be allocated to each event in the tournament.  The Total Allocated will be shown in green until all money has been allocated, at which point it will change to blue.  Amounts entered exceeding amount contributed will show in red.