Regular Events

This section is where the initial prize fund is configured for each event.  The Event Description and Type will automatically be configured based on events as defined in the Rules Setup.  In addition, if the "All of the Events have the same fees." option is toggled to Yes, the financial information will already be  completed.  However, the fields can still be modified for individual event customization.

When "All of the Events have the same fees" is configured for No on the General Fee Setup screen, financial information on this page will be blank.  Lineage, Expenses and Prize Fund will have to be configured for each event listed.

The fees for events with more than one bowler can be configured in the Calc How field on a per Bowler (B) or per Team (T) basis, where Team refers to Doubles, Trios and Team Events. When configuring funds calculated on a per Team basis, ensure the total amount to be charged to the team is entered for Lineage, Expenses and Prize Fund.