BTM - 5's power is the ability to handle how most tournaments operate. This includes squads, events, divisions, handicaps, all events categories, lane assignments, etc. While no program can cover every unique tournament rule, BTM - 5 covers most.

The setup of your tournament rules is very important when starting a BTM - 5 tournament. Spend extra time looking at the options available for each section of the rules. A vast majority of tech support questions answered result from improper rules setup.

When starting a new tournament, BTM - 5 initially will set each rule to default values popular in many tournaments. The rules are also organized to walk you through configuring the tournament.

As you begin your tournament and notice improper handicaps, results or other items, first look at the scores to see if scores were entered incorrectly. If you still believe that there may be a problem, come back to the rules and carefully examine the settings again. Many times, you will catch the problem here.

The tabbed sections are broken up into the following:

General Rules - General tournament information and details.

Events Setup - Configuration of the events for the tournament.

All Events Setup - Setup for category to include all previously configure events.

Division & Handicaps - Configure the divisions and additional handicap rules.

Lanes & Squads- Establish the squads for the tournament and define lane assignment rules.