Awarding points to teams opposing a BYE team by bowling within a percentage of their average

If your league is certified and has a rule stating that a team playing a BYE team must bowl within a percentage of the team average, then you must change your league rule to where they bowl within a specified number of pins.


Per USBC rules, a league may only change the number of pins below the team average. The league may not change the method to a percentage 


The USBC rule does not state that an absentee is set to pins below average.
104d. Uneven Number
When a league has an uneven number of teams, the team scheduled against the nonexistent team cannot be credited with the points by forfeit. The Earn the Points system is used unless the league board of directors, by majority vote, decides to use the Bye or Draw System. The following procedures
apply for each system:
1. Earn the Points:
a. An individual must bowl at least his/her average less ten (10) pins and/or teams must bowl
at least the team average less ten (10) pins per player, unless the league board states another
b. Points not won by the team for failing to bowl the prescribed score should be recorded on the standing sheet as “unearned” points.

In the case that the league adopts a number based on percentage this is permitted by USBC rules

Jim Scrivens (9/17/2015 at 4:53 PM)