Adding teams to league

When there becomes a need to add teams to the league, first thing is to be in the week that the teams are being added.  For example, if you've entered scores for week 2 and the new two teams will join in week 3, advance to week 3.

  1. Go to Utilities > Teams > Add
  2. You will be presented with options of adding teams.  Select the option that applies. If adding more than  4 teams, you will need to repeat the process.
  3. Indicate when they will be added.  Should, using the above example, teams will be allowed to make up earlier weeks, be sure to indicate that option and week number to start. So if they were allowed to make up weeks 1 and 2, you would select Add Teams Starting with Week Selected Below and select week 1.
    It's critical that if a team is allowed to make up, this be done correctly as it can not be undone.
  4. If, using the above example, that the teams will be bowling a schedule this week with the new teams integrated with the USBC schedule, indicate this. If they are starting bowling at the end pairs, select that option.
  5. Acknowledge to add the teams.
  6. Verify the new teams
  7. Verify the schedule.