Open Errors when trying to open League

When attempting to open your league, you may encounter errors.  For example, you may receive the following:

"Open Error –1 5" "C:\....\BLS2014\leagues\tues_morning.BLR"

"Error reading team!-1 Team number: 204 reordered to 201"


Note:  League name and information may be different than what is listed.

The most probable cause for these errors is a corrupted league data file. A single league is composed of several files, each representing weeks, bowler information, team information, lane assignments, scores, etc. If one or more league files are damaged then the entire league may be corrupted or damaged beyond repair.


To resolve this issue, restore the league from a backup and shut down and restart your computer system.

If a backup is not available, then you will need to delete the league, shut down and restart your computer system and restart (re-enter) your league.


More information:  One of the most common causes is the use of utilities that recover free hard drive space by deleting/removing files and programs that have not been accessed for a while. Because some of the league files are only accessed during the week of when scores are entered, many times the files used for the first few weeks are prime targets for these utilities to remove. While you can sometimes restore your backup to recover these weeks, you may have backed up your league with these files missing. This is why it’s important to use separate floppies and keep extra floppies for special backups every few weeks.


Another reason for league files to become corrupt are viruses and hard drive failures or corruption. If your hard drive cross-links clusters of information, then your data contained in your league files could be overwritten with information from other files or programs.