When attempting to update BTM-5 from within the program, you may receive a DNS error, network error or a message indicating that the update server cannot be found.

These problems typically occur when a firewall product is installed.  The BTM-5 program needs to send information to our update servers to determine if an update is available.  A firewall not configured to allow BTM-5 access will block this information.

To resolve this issue, configure the firewall to allow the BTM5.EXE application access to the Internet.  The program uses standard ports 80 for HTTP and 21 for FTP access.  For more information on firewall configuration, please consult your firewall products manual, or contact the company that wrote the firewall. Another possibility would be to temporarily disable your firewall and try again.

As an alternative you can manually download the update by going to our web site at http://www.cdesoftware.com and clicking on the Download Software link