When you first install the automatic scoring edition of BTM-5, the front desk computer must be made visible to the program, as well as the import and export directories must be established.

To set up Automatic Scoring, do the following:

1.Start BTM-5

2.Click on Program Setup/Configuration > Automatic Scoring Setup (A5)

3.Select the Select Scoring System tab.

4.Unlock the screen using the LOCK icon on the toolbar. The password is CDESOFTWARE (the reason is to prevent accidental setting)

If BTM-5 is installed on a back office computer that is networked to the front desk, there must be a mapped drive on that computer that points to the front desk’s C: drive. If you are installing BTM-5 on the same computer as your main front desk, you will not need to map the drive. It is assumed that your scoring company has created a mapping on the back office computer to the front desk, or that you have done so yourself. Consult your Windows manual or help on mapping a drive.

5.Click the browse icon next to the Location of Front Desk.

6.Select the mapped drive that points to the front desk, or the C: drive if the program is installed on the main front desk computer.

7.Click OK.

8.The program should default to the correct import and export directories. Consult with your scoring manufacturer on the proper location of the import and export directories