Export or Recaps puts teams on different lanes than designated

If a situation arises where teams appear to be correctly assigned to lanes in the lane assignments and score entry, yet the Recaps or AutoScoring Export puts teams on different pairs, do the following:

  1. Open BLS
  2. Open the league
  3. Go to Setup > League > Lane Assignments
  4. Click on the first pair (Step 1 in picture)
  5. Re-assign to 1-2 (if using lanes higher than 1-2 - Otherwise set to 3-4)  (Step 2 in picture)
  6. Click This week and future weeks (Step 3 in picture)
  7. Click OK (Step 4 in picture)
  8. Close Lane Assignments
  9. Repeat steps 3-7, except choose the correct starting lane number the league begins on.