Copying BLS-2020 local awards to BLS-2021

For those who have upgraded to BLS-2021 from BLS-2020 and set up local awards, there is a feature built-in that will import the definitions for the awards from BLS-2020 to BLS-2021.
This is done by opening BLS-2021 and selecting Maintenance > Copy > Local Awards Definition from BLS-2020

If BLS-2020 is not installed on the computer, but you have a backup of the local awards made from BLS-2020 (the file is normally called CDE_USER_DEFINED_AWARDS.ZIP) you can do the following to use the local awards.

  1. Open BLS-2021 and go to Maintenance > Restore > BLS-2021 Local Awards
  2. Select the CDE_USER_DEFINED_AWARDS.ZIP file to restore
  3. Go to Maintenance > Copy > Local awards definitions from BLS-2020