Cancelling Remainder of Season due to COVID-19

If your league chooses to cancel the remainder of the season, there are some simple steps to be done. 

  1. Open BLS and then open the league
  2. Go to Setup > League > Rules
  3. Change the number of weeks bowled to be the number of weeks that have bowled.
  4. Close the rules and verify the Lane Assignments
  5. Go to Reports > Mid/End Season > Final Average Reports and print the final averages to give to the association manager, if a sanctioned league.  BLS-2020 also supports emailing the final averages to the association manager.
  6. Upload the standings to, if using. 
  7. Go to Reports > Mid/End Season > Bowler/Team Histories to print the histories 
  8. Go to Weekly > Finalize > Standings to print the final standing sheets.