How do I get the latest update to the program?

Updates to the program can be handled two ways.

Automatic Updating

1. Start your connection to the Internet. Make sure that the connection is active by visiting a web site.

2. Start BLS and select Help > Check for Program Updates.

3. Click Ok and YES acknowledging the informational messages..

The program will check the update server for new updates. If one exists, you will be prompted to download and install the update.

Note: If you experience an error while downloading the update, check your Internet Settings. Try using Passive Mode for file transfers.

Manual Updating

If there is a problem using the Automatic Update feature or you are transferring the update to a computer that does not have Internet access, do the following.

1. Connect to the Internet and go to our web site at

2. Select Download Software from the navigation pane.

3. Select League Software

4. Select the BLS2020 Tab.

5. A new page with full details of the program, and instructions on how to save the update program on your system will appear.

6. Locate BLS-2020 Program Installer and click Download Now, you will be presented with the option to save the update or run it. Select Save File.

7. You will be then presented with a screen to locate where the update will be saved. Save the file to your Desktop  and click OK. (Special Note: Do not save directly to a floppy. The file is too large to fit).

8. IMPORTANT. Remember where you save this file. Commonly people download the file only to not know where they put it. Downloading a file update by itself does not do anything. You must actually run the update program that you downloaded to actually modify the program to the current version.

9. After the file has been downloaded, exit your Internet connection.

Double-click the file just downloaded to your desktop or use Windows Explorer to locate where the file you saved is located and double-click to start installation.

Setting Reminder

BLS can be configured to remind you to check for updates on a regular basis.  This can be done by going to File > Program Preferences.  Configure Check for Program Updates to the desired frequency.